Batting Lanes | All of our cages are designed to meet the needs of players of all ages and skill sets


The Big League Cage

Lane 1 is our largest cage, 70'x14'x12'

It offers self feeding Iron Mike pitching machine 60 to 80mph (baseballs)

Mound Yeti soft ball machine for fast and slow pitch soft ball. Safety screens, tanner tees and coaches helmets included.

***Can be divided in half for multiple station work outs***


The Pro Cages

Lane 2,3,4&5  - Size: 35'x12'x12'

Offers Hack-attack Jr. pitching machines with ability to deliver multiple pitches (fast ball curve ball slider) safety screen, Tanner Tee and coaches safety helmets.

*** these lanes are perfect for lessons and individual training****



The Iron Mike Cage

Lane 6 Size: 65'x14'x12'

Offers Iron Mike self feeding pitching machine 40 to 60 MPH and Optional Use of HitTrax / Diamond kinetics video training. Safety screen, Tanner Tee and coaches Helmets included.



Batting Cages


The Home Run Cage

Lane 7 - Size: 70'x14'x12'

Offers HomePlate Tutor self feeding pitching machine 40 to 90 mph with ability to quickly change speeds and deliver multiple pitches (fastball, curveball, slider)

Optional use of Hittrax/Diamond Kinetics for hitting and pitching.

Pitching mounds (all distances) Safety screen Tanner tees and coaches helmets included.

***can be divided in half for multiple station work outs***


Wiffle Ball Cages

Lanes: 8w & 9w

We offer 2 Whiffle ball cages with machines that pitch golf ball size whiffle balls at various speeds depending of your desire and ability

Whiffle ball training improves hand eye coordination, pitch recognition,

Reaction time, and with the right direction overall swing mechanics and confidence. Players that train with golf ball size Whiffle balls between games see beach balls at the plate when it counts.


Real Dirt Pitching Mounds

Lanes: P1 P2 & P3

At TBC we offer 3 real clay dirt pitching mounds. No other facility in the area can offer you the ability to have your spikes in the dirt while you work between games.

Come throw your bullpens with us and take your game to the next level

We can accommodate all distances and age groups.



Speed and Agility Training


Youth Speed and Agility

Class size max: 12

Age: 13 years old and below

$20 non- members / walk-ins

$10 for membership athletes

This class focuses on creating a platform for athletes to understand how their body works. We utilize proper techniques, explosive movements, and core training to protect these athletes developing bodies without weight bearing exercises.


Elite Speed and Agility

Class Size Max: 12

Age: 14 years old – 19 years old

$25 non- members/ walk-ins

$15 for membership athletes

Through this course athletes will develop the muscles that are necessary to enhance their skills within their individual sports. We utilize proper technique, explosive movements and core training to help build a physical edge over the competition.